Is Desalination the solution to Global Water Crisis?

The worlds most water starved nation has a solution to the growing issue of water scarcity.

Saudia Arabia has oil like others have water and their problem is that they don’t have water, at all. Thanks to technological advancements, they’re able to use water desalination method to make up for water scarcity but the debate doesn’t end here.

Saudia Arabia is a rich country, full of resources and researchers that made clean water possible which is still a dream of many underdeveloped countries. It is true that many water scarce countries border with sea but the desalination plant itself is a very costly procedure.

The problem with desalination projects is that it consumes a lot of electricity which is mostly made from hydro power so technically while we are trying to create water, we are using water and after desalination is done, it leaves behind brine which itself is not a environment friendly substance.

so technically when you’re doing desalination or making water that’s consumable, you’re consuming huge amount of electricity and you’re leaving a huge, thick carbon footprint which isn’t exactly nice.

so what to do? Since Saudia Arabia is the leader in water desalination, we should look at them for solution and engineers at King Abdullah university are of view that even though it is very effective solution, more needs to be done to drive down the electricity usage during the desalination process and brine needs to be taken care of appropriately

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